Asian Goods & Merch

The word gou (購) means shopping in Chinese.
I hope to make life easier for those who
cannot easily access goods and merch from Asia,
and bring a smile to your face.

For Google Form Orders

DISCLAIMERAsiaGou is not a business nor a company. My name is Cherie and I'm a Group Order manager slash proxy. What I do is I help purchase goods from China, Japan, Taiwan or anywhere else I'm able to and send them out to you.The process is long and tedious, and requires a lot of time and effort. As I do not operate as a company, there is only me and my friend, the two of us, working on the group orders and individual requests. This means that our prices are affordable, but the wait is long.Please note that all orders have a minimum wait time of 3-6 months from official release date before we begin working on packing. Some items might have an even longer wait if it's a big group order that I can only bring back in small batches each time. If you are unable to wait, please do not join or purchase. Patience is a must!

Although I avoid purchasing from suspicious or unofficial stores in most situations, in the case that the seller is a scammer, I am not responsible and unfortunately no refunds will be made.The same applies to packages or items that are lost or damaged during shipping, in which case I will refund what I can if I am able to claim for insurance or loss.All orders, especially pre-orders, will involve a certain amount of wait time. I will not be able to speculate the shipping date. It may take any time from a few months up to half a year for the goods to reach me. I will try to expedite the process to the best of my abilities, but please do not purchase if you are uncomfortable with long waits.I do not accept cancellations or requests for refunds unless an item is out of stock. If you'd like to cancel an order, please send me a message through e-mail or Twitter DM. In the case that I have not purchased the item, or another buyer is willing to claim the item, I am able to cancel and refund.Please note that minors should not purchase from me. If you've agreed to the Terms & Conditions, you are thereby declaring yourself over the age of 18. I am not liable for any consequences that may occur from minors purchasing from me.

SERVICES1) Group Orders (GOs)
Most orders are done through Group Orders or GOs. Once a merch is released (whether as pre-order or in-stock), I will list the merch on my web store. A due date will be set to complete the order from my web store, after which I will batch order the merch for the group of joiners.
2) Requests
If a GO is closed or if an item you want hasn't been listed for a GO, please send in a request. You can send in a request using the request form if the request is not urgent or if you need me to search for the item. If you have a link available and/or the request is time-sensitive (within a week), please send the request directly to me through Twitter DM. I will then act as a proxy and purchase the item for you.
Please note that I will spend time on GOs first before I begin processing requests, so it may take a long time before I'm able to quote you the price.WHAT ARE?1) Pre-Orders
These orders are either pre-orders from official stores or fan merch in production. There is considerable wait time for these kinds of orders.
2) Flash orders - These orders are ones that are live at specific dates/times, and usually only have a limited supply. With flash events, a listing will be made on the web store. The payment is to be made beforehand using only G&S due to the possibility of refunds (since it won't incur a fee on your part, you will receive a full refund.) Once I have purchased the item, I will refund those who have not made the cut.

PAYMENTAll payment is done by PAYPAL
All currency is in NT$ (TWD)
PayPal offers 2 options of payment in certain countries. Please make payment according to the instructions below.1) Goods & Services (G&S):
This is the default payment method for most PayPal users. If you aren't sure of other options available, please check out the items in your cart using PayPal. Payment is completed once the transaction goes through.
2) Friends or Family (F&F):
If you know what this option is and choose to use it, please note the F&F price information in the listing description. Add up the total amount of the items in your cart and choose 'F&F' during checkout. When using F&F, complete your checkout first, so that you receive your order number. The format is #AG- followed by 5 random combination of numbers and letters (eg. #AG-A1B2C). Once your order is done and you have received your order number, please manually send payment from PayPal. Please send your order number in your PayPal note for my convenience when checking your payment, thank you!
Note that F&F payments are checked manually by me, so there may be a delay in processing. Please do not worry. If the payment does not come through, I will reach out to you.

Here's how payment works:

  1. Upon checking out from the store, you will be asked to make your first payment for your items through PayPal. This is the first transaction.

  2. For payment, please refer to the previous page to select the correct payment option.

  3. All goods will then be shipped to my warehouse in China. From there, I will handle your items depending on the shipping option you choose.

  4. If you choose to direct ship it from the warehouse, a shipping quote is sent to your email. This is the second and final transaction unless otherwise stated. Once the shipping fee is settled, your order will be delivered.

  5. If you choose consolidation shipping with me, please read on.

  6. All goods for consolidation shipping will be consolidated to come back as bulk cargo delivered by sea shipping. The approximate time frame is 2 weeks. Please note bulk cargo time frame may heavily depend on packing progress and available space in my house.

  7. The shipping fee from CN-TW is shared among all buyers and usually comes to under TWD $50 per item.

  8. Once I have received the goods, I will unbox, disinfect and check for any potential damage or missing items. I will then package your goods carefully, weigh the package and send you a shipping quote by email. This is the second and final transaction unless otherwise stated. Once the shipping fee is settled, your order will be delivered.

  9. Please note that I will store your item for up to 28 days after shipping quote is sent before it becomes my on-hand item. If you have difficulties in making payment within 28 days or if you have any questions, please reach out to me.

SHIPPING OPTIONSCurrently, I offer two options for shipping.

Shipping straight from warehouse:▶▶▶ PRO - it's much faster as it's basically a forwarding process from my warehouse to your home. There are more routes available worldwide (anywhere EMS China sends to).▶▶▶ CON - it's more expensive (EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.) and I will not be able to unbox, disinfect, check or consolidate your items for you. If your packages arrive roughly at around the same time, I am able to consolidate them as-is and ship out, but unable to open, discard multiple outer packaging and place items into one box/package for you. I am also unable to alter the parcels in any way. If there is anything missing or broken, I am willing to negotiate with the official store for you, but the chance of a refund, return and/or replacement is slim.

Please note that electronics, items containing batteries, liquids, powder and magnetic items can only be sent by consolidation shipping.Please note that I will not have full control over shipping method and fee if this option is chosen. I can help inquire for cheaper or faster delivery methods, but ultimately my warehouse has full control.

Shipping from me (based in Taiwan) to you:▶▶▶ PRO - it's less expensive if I am able to send to your country through my postal service. When I receive the goods, I will unbox, disinfect and check the outer packaging for any potential damage or missing items and contact customer service for a refund, return and/or replacement. I am able to consolidate multiple items into one single box or alter according to your needs (take away outer packaging, discard any items you don't need, etc.) to save on shipping fees.▶▶▶ CON - it's a lot slower because of the process described above, limited space at my home and limited time. I can only arrange large batch cargo to come back after I have made space in my house. Once arranged, it takes about 2-4 weeks to come back to me. Currently, there are two of us packing everything and making post office runs. All of the above means that you will have to be patient and wait for your items to be packed and shipped.

I ship WORLDWIDE. However, due to COVID-19, there are currently countries I am not able to ship to. If you still choose to order or if you've already placed an order, I will 1) hold your item until postal services resume OR 2) choose to send through a private courier. Please note that private couriers are more expensive than postal service.Below is a list of countries my postal services still offer service to. I will update this list monthly (if there are changes.)

Japan OrdersPlease note that Japan orders have the following extra costs involved and may be more expensive than orders from other areas. All following costs will be calculated into the second transaction. If you order individual items, please be sure you are aware of and able to shoulder these costs:

  1. A bank transfer fee of approximately 300 JPY.

  2. A domestic shipping fee of varying amount that isn't always applicable depending on the store's shipping policies. Some stores may have free shipping while others don't.

  3. International shipping fee from Japan to Taiwan of approximately NT$18-28 per 100g. Please note that warehouses in Japan don't store items for as long as warehouses from China do; therefore, batch shipping is usually not applicable.

  4. Local shipping fee from arrival site in Taiwan to my house will be approximately NT$80-$120 depending on parcel size and weight.

All shipping & handling fees that occur following the purchase will be determined once the ordered item(s) have arrived. The fees will be collected in the second transaction.

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Changes will be announced on Twitter,
but please also check back periodically.
Last updated: 2022/08/08

Shipping MethodCountries AvailableWeight Limit
Small PacketPlease refer to list of countries with postal service available.up to 2kg
ePacketJapan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Israel, Germany, France, UK, Norway, Poland, Denmark, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Canadaup to 2kg
Air ParcelPlease refer to list of countries with postal service available.N/A
EMSPlease refer to list of countries with postal service available.N/A
DHLPlease refer to DHL website. Shipping based on official shipping quote.N/A
FedExPlease refer to FedEx website. Shipping based on official shipping quote.N/A
SF-ExpressPlease refer to SF-Express website. Shipping based on official shipping quote.N/A

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COVID-19 Emergency Situation Surcharge is updated monthly.
Last updated: 2022/08/08


Q: What if I sent the wrong amount?
▶▶▶ Do not worry! If you send the wrong amount, I will make a refund and send a note along with the refund telling you that you've sent the wrong amount. All you need to do is send the correct amount back for the order to be processed.
Q: How can I update my address?
▶▶▶ You can update your address when I send you your shipping quote. Simply reply to the shipping quote email to request an address update.
Q: Can I change my Twitter handle?
▶▶▶ Absolutely! Just send me a message or an email that you are doing so. Give me your full name and your new Twitter handle and I'll be sure to update it on my end. If somehow I do forget to update your Twitter handle, I will reach out to you through your email address as well, so you won't miss any notices.
Q: Why is your price higher than the retail price on Taobao (or other stores)?
▶▶▶ Prices are marked up to cover currency conversion, money exchange fees, and my time and effort in arranging and handling the orders. I will strive my best to make the process as smooth and effortless as possible for you.
Q: I messaged you, but never got a reply back...
▶▶▶ If you do not get a response from me within 48 hours, please bump your message up. Twitter could've possibly forgotten to notify me (it's happened quite a lot!) or I've simply clicked open your message and forgotten about it! Please bump your message up and I will respond timely. If it happens a lot, please keep bumping your message up or send me an email. If it's sitting in my inbox, I will get to it when I'm sat in front of my laptop.
Q: Will I receive a tracking number?
▶▶▶ Definitely! Your tracking number will be emailed to you after the parcel has been shipped.
Q: How do I check the status of my order?
▶▶▶ Please use the web store order history to check the status of your order. Besides the order history, you can watch for arrivals on my Twitter updates under the hashtag #asiagoupdate. I post pictures of arrivals after unboxing to show you which merchies have returned home to me.
Q: What does the status 'processing' mean?
▶▶▶ If your order status says 'processing', it only means that I have purchased the item. It does not mean arrival at warehouse nor my house, and it does not mean it's in the process of being packed.
Q: What does the status 'Ready for Pickup' mean?
▶▶▶ Ready for Pickup means that I've sent you a shipping quote email. Please send shipping fee as quickly as you can!
Q: How long do you hold items/parcels for?
▶▶▶ I do not have a holding time for items, but once a package is packed, the hold period is 7 days before shipping fee must be paid! Please contact me if you have a hard time completing the payment in 7 days and we can work something out.
Q: Do I get a notification from the web store regarding change of status?
▶▶▶ Yes, the web store sends a notification regarding change of status every time I update an order.
Q: What does it mean when I see [READY] or [SHIPPED] or [REFUNDED] in my order?
▶▶▶ As I am not a company or a store, I do not send items out according to each order you've made on the web store. Therefore, there will be instances where only partial items in an entire order will be packaged and sent. In this case, I will tag [READY] for orders that are ready to be sent out in one shipment; [SHIPPED] when this item has been sent out; and [REFUNDED] if it's a partial refund for one item.

Custom RequestsWelcome to requests!I am able to take order requests from China, Taiwan and Japan. There is no set proxy fee as it depends on the difficulty of obtaining and packaging the items requested. If you are ordering from Japan, please read the JP Orders page on the home page.If you'd like to request an item, please fill in the request form. Once I have processed your request, a price quote will be sent to you via Twitter DM or email. If you'd like to go through with the order, I will make a request listing on the web store for you to complete the purchase.Please note that requests will only be tended to when I'm done with sorting out GOs. If your request is time sensitive, please send me a DM on Twitter with the purchase link and I'll give you the price quote as soon as I see the message. If you confirm the order, I will purchase the item right away. You do not need to fill the request form in this case, but you will still have to complete the transaction on the web store after I send you the listing.

Order Status TrackingTHIS IS TRACKING FOR OLDER GROUP ORDERS MADE ON GOOGLE FORMS.FOR WEB STORE ORDERS, PLEASE TRACK THROUGH THE ONLINE STORE.The following sheet will help you track your order status. Please note that this is only updated when I have time. Sorting orders, making purchases, packaging and shipping parcels are priority for me. Therefore, updates will be sparse. However, I will definitely update my packing list and pending payment list so that you know when to expect a shipping quote or an incoming delivery.The Order Status Sheet is separated into many tabs. Please make sure you search each tab for your order before you come to ask me about your order status. You can search for orders by order form name or by using the search function. Press ctrl+f to bring up the search function. Then, input the first letter of your first name, followed by a period and then the first couple letters of your last name.Please also note that orders may take up to 2 weeks before they are updated onto the order status sheet. So, do not worry if you don't see your name at first. As long as you receive an automated confirmation email from google form, it means I have your responses in my inbox. I will process it as timely as I can manage.

All of the following documents are for old orders
using the google form method. New web store orders do not apply.
However, you would still have to use
the Fee Calculator for sending the shipping fee if necessary.